A God Nudge

A few months ago, I had plans to see my friend and at the last minute she cancelled. I took this free time to visit a dear friend who is generally home with her 4 kiddos, 2 of which are adopted and 1 that is being fostered. This woman is an amazing woman of faith and mother! While visiting I learned that things with their family business were challenging and there was not always extra money, but they knew God would take care of them. She said that day they would be getting food from a local pantry and would be fine. After I left, I felt a nudge from God telling me to go and buy some extra things for them. When I dropped them off later, I was met with tears of gratefulness because the pantry, for the first time ever, had no food for them and here I was with bags of groceries. Fast forward a few months as I was volunteering with Power Packs here at ECOB the director told me to take any extra food if I knew of someone who could use it. I immediately thought of my friend. I grabbed a box and filled it with as much as would fit. I called my friend and told her about the food. Again, I was met with tears because, for the second time ever, there was no food at the pantry for them! This happened again one more time. God brought her to my mind ONLY on these 3 days when there was no food from the pantry for them. I just love how God works! But what if I had not listened to Him that first day to visit her and take food to her family? He can use you in big ways and he can use you in little ways to show His love to others. I encourage you to be aware of those “God nudges” and act on them. You never know what will happen.

Stacey Coldiron

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  • Amy Church says:

    Oh how wonderful to be part of His plan! Thank you for sharing this, Stacey: Your experience is a wonderful encouragement to anticipate the nudges from God and follow through on them

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