The Local Missions Team (LOVEPHRATA) has continued to seek ways to reach those in our community.  In January the team decided to find a group of people each month and bless them with coffee, donuts…etc. We contacted the Cancer Center at Wellspan in Ephrata and they were blessed that we thought of them. We have blessed the healthcare workers in the hospital with free coffee and others have reached out to the hospital workers as well. We wanted to find healthcare workers who maybe hadn’t been blessed. $5 gift cards were purchased for the 30 employees there and were hand delivered at the end of January. The staff was excited and thankful for the generosity and for thinking of them. Soon, we will be blessing the staff at Maple Farm with coffee and donuts.  Thank you for your generosity in your giving so that we may continue to show the love of Jesus to those in our community.  LOVEPHRATA has a full year of blessings to come!

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