ECOB Kids Family Life Group

ECOB Kids Family Life Group

Are you up for a new adventure? From September 12-October 10, ECOB Kids is encouraging all families to participate in Family Life Group. We believe that as parents, you are the most influential teacher in your child’s life. You are the ones responsible for your child’s spiritual growth. We realize how important it is for the church to partner with you in this endeavor. This 5 week Family Life Group is intended to help your family establish a pattern of intentional time in God’s word. We will spend a few weeks together, as families, reading God’s word and engaging in activities that will help us establish this pattern.

Family Life Group is intended for children ages preschool through 4th grade. You will attend Life Group as a whole family (Parents must attend.) There will be no regular K-4 Life Group during these 5 weeks. We will continue to have regular Toddler/Preschool Life Group. If you have a toddler or preschooler, you may choose to send your child to regular Life Group or you may choose to come to Family Life Group.

This study was created for families with children of multiple ages. If you have children at all different levels, you can still participate!  There are matching materials for teens, so if you have teens they are welcome to join us.

 If you would like to look at the material ahead of time, you may check it out at the Kids Check In Station or (Best Family Ever Bible study).

Please RSVP by September 5, so I can have materials prepared.