Ministry Through Ice Cream

Remember that feeling you got when you heard the jingle of the ice cream truck making it’s way through your neighborhood? Nothing brought all of the neighborhood kids together like the anticipation of a cool treat on a sticky, summer night. This summer ECOB Kids is bringing sweet relief to children, big and small, in neighborhoods all over our community. We’ve hosted two to date (July 8) and have handed out over 60 ice cream treats and cards with a scripture and our church contact information. It’s an easy way to bring people together and put smiles on kids’ faces. You might be wondering what handing out ice cream treats has to do with ministry. By hosting a pop up party, you are doing more than providing one fun night for kids. You are showing Jesus’ love by meeting people where they are at. You are saying to neighbors, “I’m here. I care about you.” You are building relationships, and you are planting seeds. Plus, you get to eat yummy ice cream! Contact Michelle to schedule a Pop Up Ice Cream Party for your neighborhood soon!

Michelle Nolt

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