-by Warren Heistand

If you know me, I am one who will tell you if you have any problems to take them to the Lord in prayer.

Some time ago I found out that the granddaughter of a close friend was about to undergo several operations to remove a very large cluster of vessels and arteries in her brain. At once, I called the prayer chain in our class. From what I was told, since August, she has had 5 minor operations to get her ready for the major one. On January 22 she had a full open brain operation to remove this cluster. It is called an AVM. Two surgeons worked for 12 hours, each one operating for an hour and then resting for an hour while the other continued the operation. The parents sat in their car for the entire time because of COVID restrictions, they were not permitted inside. On Friday night, just hours after the operations I got a call from her parents telling me the operation went well and the future looked very good. While we were talking, they got a phone call from their daughter who was awake and alert!

In this time when everything we hear seems to be bad news, here is some good news. We have a God that does care and He wants us to come to Him with our problems and I’m sure that there are many other stories like this one. The lesson here is to not forget that God has given us the wonderful gift of prayer and He backs it up with His power and promise. Remember if you don’t pray, He can’t answer it.

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  • David H Miley says:

    Powerful, Warren. I, too, have a short story to tell. I learned about a month ago that my cousin, who resides near Pittsburg, had a tumor in his abdomen requiring major surgery. Over the course of several months he was tiring easily, had little energy and ha lost considerable weight. After consulting doctors and having tests performed he learned the diagnosis. Having surgery scheduled for mid-January, I requested the Prayer Team pray for successful surgery. Following his surgery his wife reported that all had gone well, having removed a football sized tumor. Last reports. I am please to report that he has returned home, is getting around the house more and more, and eating, hoping to put on lost weight and gain back lost energy and strength. His wife indicated the payers had paid off and was very grateful for them. The power of prayer is so powerful, I’ve learned.

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