by Kim Ream

As I write this, I am moved to run to praise; running from all that clutters my mind and burdens my heart to press forward to praise. In the current events swirling around in national news, I long to run to the One Who can center me, the One who leads and governs with mercy and holy justice the Kingdom whose King died so that I may be a Kingdom citizen. I invite you to read 1 Chronicles 16:7-36. Maybe read it out loud. I did as I wanted this passage to fill the atmosphere around me. After reading it, I looked outside at trees as I was reminded that in our praise and trembling before the Lord, we can look and see the heavens rejoicing (vs 31) and the earth responding. Verse 33 says, “the trees of the forest will sing; they will sing for joy before the LORD”. As I look at the conjoined beech trees in my yard, I find comfort in seeing that these trees were so close, so wrapped up in each other’s growth that they joined and now appear as one multi-trunk tree. When these conjoined trees sway in the buffeting winds, their trunks and branches rub against each other and… they sing. They reverberate a sound that emanates out because they are joined together. As you read this, it is my prayer you run to the praise, you read out loud David’s Psalm of praise recorded in 1 Chronicles 16 and, we join together (picturing it a bit like my conjoined beech trees) and we sing to Him. I believe God intended His citizens to praise Him so that our sound reverberates across the land despite the wind or, perhaps, because the wind blows and buffets us. Amen. Praise the LORD.

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