What’s Your Legacy?

Pastor Rob recently encouraged us to think about our legacy and what we leave behind. While I don’t ever consider the ways I bless others as storing up treasures in heaven, nor do I really think consciously of building a legacy (Maybe I need to work at this!), I do hope that somehow my life will have a positive, Godly impact on others.

Thinking about legacy prompted me to remember John Waller’s song, The Blessing. The first verse goes like this: “Let it be said of us, while we walk among the living; let it be said of us, by the ones we leave behind; let it be said of us, that we lived to be a blessing for life.” The song goes on through more verses, but some of the other ideas I hope will be said of me by the ones I leave behind are that my heart belonged to Jesus, that I spoke words of life and that I leave behind fruit. The song questions whether we will choose to build up or tear down and encourages us to choose to be a blessing.

Paul writes to the Philippians in chapter 1, verse 26 that he will continue with them “so that through my being with you again your joy in Christ Jesus will overflow on account of me.” Does your presence with others cause them to overflow with joy in Jesus? Does it make them want to bless others through your example?

Let’s pray! God, we pray that we will live our lives as an example of connecting to, growing in, living out and radiating your transformative power in the world. May we continuously seek to bless others in the name of Jesus. May our legacy be a positive example and encouragement to others. Amen

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