During covid, many of us have discovered or rediscovered jigsaw puzzles. It’s something we can do by ourselves, but it’s really fun if we can work with others as we try to figure out where all of the pieces fit. On the downside, for those of us who take joy in completed projects, it can be really frustrating when we get to the end and discover a piece or two is missing.

At ecob, we are a jigsaw puzzle, too. It takes each of us to employ our gifts and talents to make things happen for the Kingdom.

For instance, I could plan a fantastic Jericho event, but if I don’t have someone with artistic and tech talents (both lacking in my skill set) who can do eye-catching press for it, attendance will flounder. If Michelle plans insightful lessons for all age groups of children, but doesn’t have enough adult supervision to run the groups, the lessons will have no impact. If Powerpacks doesn’t have enough people to organize, pack and hand out food for the families who need it, their purpose is unfulfilled.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. So my question is: where do your talents fit in the ecob puzzle? What are you doing to support our goal to connect.grow.live.radiate?

Everyone can work for the Kingdom regardless of your age or circumstances. We currently have school-age kids making Valentine cards for nursing home residents, and we have senior citizens who haven’t even been able to attend church, still doing their part by praying over our staff and ministries. So, I ask again, what are you doing?

Every one of us has been given gifts that are supposed to fit together as we work for Jesus. If you need help identifying yours, please contact Carol Bowman at carol@ecob.church.

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