Who is searching for whom?

Who is searching for whom?
by Warren Heistand

In this time of separation, I found myself doing more reading from the scriptures, especially the book of Jeremiah. As I read it, I began to realize that though this writing took place in the Old Testament times, it had a lot of New Testament teaching in it. It showed the great love that God has His name and the people He chose. His slowness to anger and the great patience with His people.

It also showed His great power in directing what when on the earth with His plan when he took kings out of office and put other nations He chose to rule over His people. He told them what was going to happen, sometimes many years before it took place.

Jeremiah also shows us a side of God that we do not like to think about much less talk about. What it might be like to live under God’s anger. Some pretty horrible things happened to those people because they refused to listen to what He said through the prophets.

The one lesson that meant the most to me was that he was doing these things to bring His people back to Him. He did not need them, but he loved them enough to come after them.

Many of you know my story and when I share  it with someone, I always said that I went searching for the Lord. After reading Jeremiah  I realized that it was God who came searching for me.

We have a God that loves us enough to come after us and make us His own. No other god ever did this. Do yourself a favor and slowly read Jeremiah and find what I did.

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