family ministry is essential in today’s world.

With the pressures on the family today, we strive to offer support, encouragement and equip family members to embrace the gospel in their homes and rely on God’s grace in practical ways. We desire to find ways to strengthen families through the mission of the church.

ECOB provides engaging children and youth programs and we invite parental involvement. We understand the importance of the church and home working together to reach children.

We also understand the importance of the need for Spiritual training for Parents.

Families can serve and grow together, further increasing their spiritual closeness. Families learn to pray together, watch God work, and trust in his grace.

Helping parents to be disciplemakers at home is something we feel very strongly about. We partner with parents to support them on how to pass the faith on to their kids. Following the model of Jesus using creativity and life experience is the most effective way to help kids grasp biblical truths. Parents need inspiration and coaching to enable that process.