Missions is at the heart of who we are at ECOB. We believe that we are called to be lights in our community, nation, and world. We work hard at equipping those who attend ECOB to share the love of Jesus through word and deed. Whether it is serving at the Ephrata Social Services or a local Habitat for Humanity build, serving on a national Brethren Disaster Rebuild Trip, or even a global encounter to Guatemala or other countries around the world, serving Jesus/loving others is who we desire to become. Below, you will find many opportunities to be involved in the life of ECOB’s mission ministry. 

Through building bridges in our local community, ECOB strategically leads and partners with ministries that care for the most vulnerable in our community. Through equipping the saints (you), we can show the love and compassion of Jesus to a broken and hurting community. We believe that the key to transforming lives for Jesus is through the context of the relationships we build in our neighborhoods. Join us in serving on of the community agencies below as part of the LOVE EPHRATA initiative!

ECOB are partners with a number of different social agencies in the Ephrata community.  Together, we pray for these partners, encourage them, and participate with them in ministry through acts of service, finances, and opportunities to grow together in our relationship with one another.

Ephrata Area Social Service
Ephrata Project
Homes of Hope
Love INC
Tabor Community Services
The Bridge Youth Center
TNT Youth Ministries
Water Street

In addition to the above organizations, ECOB provides a tremendous event on July 4th for the Ephrata community.

It is vital to our lives that we support and engage in our country’s well-being through act of service and outreach. From national workcamps, Brethren Disaster Ministries, and other opportunities, ECOB members connect with various groups around the country to work at the most needed struggles. It is our desire that we discover new ways to share the love of Jesus in transformative ways – to that end, please check back for new and innovative ways we are serving around the country.

Brethren Disaster Ministries

Brethren Disaster Ministries’ Rebuild Program engages volunteers to repair and rebuild storm damaged homes for some of the most vulnerable disaster survivors, thereby easing trauma and promoting recovery. By demonstrating Christ’s love and putting their faith in action as they restore damaged homes, volunteers also restore broken lives.

BDM Rebuild projects are supported by a network of volunteers from across the country who reduce the recovery costs for homeowners by providing free construction labor. At each rebuild project site, BDM partners with local Long Term Recovery organizations who are working with their community to identify unmet needs after a disaster, including home destruction or damage cases that BDM can help repair.

Trained construction leaders and household leaders provide volunteer orientation and instruction on the work site, as well as meals at the volunteers housing. Unskilled volunteers willing to learn are invited to work alongside those who are skilled and willing to teach. Volunteer housing is provided, often at local churches or community buildings, where weekly volunteers and leaders stay, eat and become more connected with the community. (http://www.brethren.org/bdm/rebuild/)

If you have any interest in serving on one of these rebuild trips, please feel free to connect with the rebuild office by following this link.

Rebuild Volunteer

ECOB impacts the world through the efforts of our indigenous global partners who are multiplying disciples and meeting spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our brothers and sisters in third world countries through various community development initiatives as housing, child sponsorship, delivering fresh water, education, and more. Our role is to aid, support, encouragement, and personnel to empower these ministries for maximum impact.

Brad and Lori Ortenzi

Brad and Lori Ortenzi are part of ZOE International and serve at bringing honor and rescue for child trafficking. They bring hope and encouragement to all those whom they serve.  You can read their story here.


ECOB has a Mission Team going to Peru to serve, every few years.

Domican Republic

ECOB has a Mission Team going to the DR to serve, most every year.


ECOB participates in regular mission trips to Guatemala. We will post additional information here as we begin developing our itinerary and focus for service in 2021.