In September, the ECOB Local Missions Team provided coffee for each Ephrata elementary school during their first few weeks back to school. Javateas graciously took the coffee and supplies to each school and we had signage stating to the teachers and staff that we support them and are praying for them. While teachers and administration work hard every year, this year has been even more demanding. ECOB wanted to take this opportunity to show them that we are here for them and to say that we know this year is difficult with all of the extra work and procedures that are required. Each elementary school was so thankful for this kind gesture. Clay Elementary said “Thank you for the wonderful surprise treat of tea and coffee from javateas! This helped us gear up for our week of teaching and learning! We greatly appreciate your support and thoughtfulness.”

Never miss an opportunity to encourage and lift other up. It can be as simple as a spoken word, a written note, or a cup of coffee.

-the ECOB Local Missions Team

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