How deep is your faith?

Lyrics to the Bee Gees’ 1970s hit song “How Deep Is Your Love” came to mind as I pondered the “depths” of my faith. Sometimes I prefer to stay securely in the shallow end, while other times I fearlessly launch off the diving board, ready and willing to be drenched by God’s love.

If you’ve ever tried to coax young swimmers to jump into the deep end of a pool, you may remember their excitement (and relief) after they finally take the plunge into your arms. To experience that joy in your spiritual life, evaluate your location in your own faith “pool.” Are you wading safely in the shallows or exploring the freedom of the depths? No matter where you’re at, you can jump confidently into Jesus’ outstretched arms. Hear his promises: “Trust me!”

—Julie Lee


(an article used with permission from Communication Resources)

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