If you would describe a vision of the next generation what would it be? A clean earth, no war…or perhaps a more negative view: a lazy, tech-focused, and self-absorbed world. Is this what you see? How you see this next group of infants, toddlers, students, and even young adults will drastically shape your view of the future.

There is a song (I know…big surprise) that speaks to the heart of how I see this next generation. To be honest, it is how I have seen every youth since I was a youth myself. The song is a spontaneous song near the middle of Delirious’ Live and in the Can album. This CD (yes, I still have it and I am listening to it right now) was recorded live and included not only hit songs, but also spoken word, Bible verses, and a natural flow of spontaneous music. Delirious was 20 years ahead of their time!

During a section of spontaneous music after the song Come Like You Promised, Martin Smith says:

“In faith the Culture
In faith the Cities
In faith the Nations
You must be responsible in this hour
I believe this is the generation to see massive revival
Yes, the revival generation!”

As a 16-year-old kid who longed to make a difference, this spoke to my heart. Many nights I would find myself pleading with God to let me play a part in His revival for this world.  Even when I strayed from my faith, I was desperate to be part of what may be the final revival before Jesus comes back.

As I grew older, I began to wonder if it was perhaps not my generation but the one after us. If so, then what part do I play? Do I just give up and live out my life disappointed by failed prayers?  NO!! I will not go silently about my life! I will teach the next generation and everyone after that until I see this fulfilled. Someone must warn them about the pitfalls of life and to show them a God that who does not just listen but speaks to them and who can change their life. The Heavenly Father that is excited about being part of their life and who is not content just with religion but is seeking relationship. That is who this next generation needs to know about. This is my job now…and it is yours too!

So why do we deal with all the drama? Because worship changes people! (Perhaps my next blog post!)

Why be in the middle of all the hormones? Because you get to see God show them who He is, and watch it break them (something you must see to believe).

Why deal with the messy stuff? Because you will see them change when God reveals who they are, and maybe for the first time they have worth.

Why the late nights and early mornings, lack of sleep and time away from my family? Because that student will realize they have Gifts from the Holy Spirit and they will change the world.

And Revival will come….

And I will have had a part…ever so small…but I had a part!

There is a light,
You are the light of the world,
A city on a hill!

Now more than ever this is true! Press into the presence of God and see this generation as He sees them, as torch bearers of the Gospel to the ends of the earth and then Revival will come!

Ryan Burkholder

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