Perhaps you were born for Such a Time as This!

I remember the day the world shut down. One Friday morning in March, while perusing Facebook, I started to become increasingly alarmed. Some schools in other states had been shut down for a whole week! The rumor was that our schools might be shutting down too. I remember calling Pastor Brian, crying in fear. He reassured me that we would be ok, our kids would be ok, that we would get through whatever lies ahead. By the time I got to the bus stop to pick up my kids, I had received two messages from school- school had been cancelled for the next 2 weeks.

When life changes as much as it has in the past few months, and when it continues to change seemingly hour by hour, it is easy to get caught up in fear and anxiety. It is easy to become overwhelmed and grow angry. It is easy to ask God why he is doing this to us. It is easy to be angry that our children have to go through this, that our children’s lives will forever be changed by what is happening in the world today.

But God reminds us. He reminds us that He put us here now. For this. And his plan is bigger than we can see. And it is better than what any of us can imagine.

Esther found herself in a dire situation. Mordecai asked her to go before the king and plead for the lives of the Jews, but she knew anyone who went before the king without being invited would be put to death. She had a choice. She could succumb to fear and take the easy way out, or she could trust God and follow his plan. Mordecai said to her, “What if you don’t say anything at this time? Then help for the Jews will come from another place. But you and your family will die. Who knows? It’s possible that you became queen for a time just like this.” Esther chose to do the right thing.

God put me here now. And he put you here now. In this mess. On purpose. Will we succumb to fear? Or will we stand up and follow him? I encourage you to pray. Ask him to show you what it is he has for you to do in this mess.

For certainly you and I were born for such a time as this.

Michelle Nolt

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